Year 9


Year 9 Leader

Miss V Burge


Year 9 is an important year. You have embarked on the GCSE courses you chose to study, and hopefully you are finding your feet and enjoying them. It is important to understand what is expected of you in order to achieve your potential, and to do that you should be taking the course seriously from the outset and discussing any concerns with your teachers. A solid foundation in the subject will help to make you feel more confident as you approach assessments.

However, it’s not all about work and grades! You need to enjoy all aspects of school life. Get involved in the extra-curricular activities and events that Manor offers. You might surprise yourself by finding a hidden talent, or have fun doing something you’d never imagined yourself doing before. We have a huge range of sports and games clubs, and there are frequent events taking place that allow you the opportunity to volunteer and show off your creative skills.  The trip to Bewerley Park takes place in July. All of these experiences help to shape the person you’ll become by building confidence through leadership, teamwork and friendship.

Remember that your friendships and social interactions have a huge impact on your happiness. Be kind to one another. Be respectful to people who are different to you. Above all, treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself - whether that’s in person or on social media.

I feel privileged to be supporting you through Year 9, and I hope it’s a wonderful and rewarding year for you all.