Year 11

Elaine Stephens.JPG

Year 11 Leader

Mrs E Stephens


Welcome to Year 11!

With only 30 weeks of teaching until the first GCSE, year 11 can be a difficult journey and stressful at times. However, this is a truly exceptional year group and there are some very dedicated staff around them to support and help. Students need to work hard, but remember that they can access help from form tutors, subject teachers and parents, who all want to see them do the best they possibly can. It is essential for us at Manor to see the students fully equipped for the next exciting stage of their education.  They will feel pushed, pulled and prodded in so many different directions this year by so many different teachers. However, it is with the very best intentions to help and it is out of genuine respect for them as learners.

The students are the best form of support for each other and with that in mind, we urge them to be careful about use of social media. It should be used to praise, comfort and assure rather than to hurt or humiliate. Too many times we have upset students reporting misuse and abuse of social media.

Finally, it’s important not to let GCSE’s take over. Our students are so much more than a set of results. They shouldn’t give up extracurricular activities and socialising. With good organisation, they should be able to enjoy a healthy non-curricular life in addition to working for GCSE’s. This is so important for their sanity and also for your CV’s in years to come.

This is going to be a long and difficult year, but it will be worth the effort when they open the envelope next summer!

Good Luck.