All students are expected to wear full uniform (see examples in the pictures below) and to have appropriate equipment as listed below:

Uniform – Whole School

Black with school crest. Blazer sleeves should not be rolled up.

Instructions for applying the house badge can be found here.

Plain white – not ‘fashion’ shirt, with the top button fastened.

Long formal black trousers (not jeans, cords or fashion trousers).

Plain black school shoes, not training shoes or boots, no stilettos, sling backs, canvas shoes or open-toed sandals. Shoes should be plain with no logos or accessories.

Girls only
Knee length black skirt or long black trousers*.
Black tights/socks.
If girls wear trousers, a shirt and tie must be worn.

Lower School

Charcoal grey, sleeveless, with red stripe (Years 7 and 8).

Red with fine black stripes (Years 7 and 8).

Upper School           

Black, sleeveless, with red stripe.

Black with fine red stripes.

Ties must be worn up to the collar so the top button is not seen, the front of the tie should display six stripes and the knot should be an appropriate size.

Summer uniform    
Date to be confirmed.
Black blazer* – removed during lessons.
Sleeveless pullover* – optional dependent upon weather.

Equipment list
Suitable bag to fit locker (locker dimensions: 80cm high, 30cm wide, 32cm deep) pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, highlighter pen, coloured pencils, ruler, calculator, pen-drive, key ring for locker key.

Art/Technology: Overall or apron to protect clothing.

Dance: Comfortable loose trousers, T-shirt or vest top.

All uniform and equipment should be clearly marked with student's name.

If a student wears training shoes or other footwear due to a foot or ankle injury, then a medical note will be required to confirm the need of such footwear and he/she may have to remain in school during breaks to prevent making the injury worse.

Students are not permitted to wear noticeable make-up. Jewellery is not permitted, with the exception of one pair of plain ear studs and a plain watch. No other piercings are permitted. Any student with an additional piercing will be asked to remove the piercing and it will be confiscated as per the school rules. Essential valuables, such as money and keys, should never be left unattended.

No extreme hairstyles are permitted and hair should be only one natural colour. If there is any doubt, parents should contact their child’s Year Leader prior to re-styling.

Physical Education

PE Polo Shirt*
Sky blue with school crest.

Black nylon or cotton.

Shirt **
Rugby type, reversible, in royal blue/gold.

Long black football socks and white sport socks.

Sports trainers    
Laced, non-marking sports trainers.

Football boots.  


Blue nylon or cotton.

Sky blue polo-shirt with school crest.

Long navy socks and white ankle socks.

Navy blue hooded top with school crest.



Laced, non-marking sports trainers.

* Available from Emblazon only (138 Micklegate York)
** Available from school only


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