Manor's Head Girls and Head Boys 2015-16


From left, Joe Stubbs (Head Boy), Jess Armes (Head Girl), Lewis Poll (Head Boy), Wanipa Ndhlovu (Head Girl)

I was delighted to be chosen for the role of Head Boy, I feel very privileged. I try every day to make everyone around me happy to be here at Manor. I hope I can be a role model for younger students and help them to have a great time throughout their time here. To be asked to represent the school at important events is an honour and not only will it benefit me now, but it will continue to do so throughout my life.

– Joe Stubbs

I was thrilled to have been chosen as Head Girl – it came as such a surprise. It is a huge honour to represent a school as reputable as Manor CE Academy and I am determined to do the best job I possibly can. With the position comes a lot of responsibility, as I have a duty to set a good example to younger students as well as represent the student voice. I am so grateful to have the chance to work with the staff and students and as a team I hope we can maintain the wonderful relationship between teachers and pupils.

– Jess Armes

Entering Year 7, when the title of Head Boy was held by someone twice the height of my eleven-year-old self, and who now studies law at the University of Cambridge, I could never have dreamed that of the 80-something boys starting that year, I would be selected to hold such a prestigious title. Now, however, the responsibility is very real for me and whilst I am elated to have been awarded this role, I am aware that I have a duty to represent the Academy to the best of my abilities and serve as a role model to students young and old. It would be arrogant to suggest that this honour is exclusively mine, as I am exceptionally fortunate to share the position with three remarkable people, with an outstanding team of prefects, senior prefects and house captains behind us. Donning the gold-striped tie each morning reminds me how fortunate I am to be in the position that I am, where I can be the face and the mouthpiece of the student body and have a positive impact on the life of the school just as my predecessors did.

– Lewis Poll

It's a huge privilege to have been awarded the position of one of the school's head girls for this year. What is an even greater privilege, for me, is that I get to share this role with one of my closest friends, Jess Armes! On becoming Head Girl, and many times since, I have been reminded to make sure I am a role model which is something I'm trying to do every day and hopefully, if I do it right, I'll be able inspire a couple of people along the way... I understand that opportunities like this come around literally once, maybe twice, in a lifetime and along with great opportunities like this comes a responsibility to really make the most of it. My hope is that this school year is as good as my previous four years at school have been and if I can make any sort of contribution to that, and to the life of the school, then that really would be great. 

– Wanipa Ndhlovu