My journey through Manor: a Year 7 blog


I saw in the new year with my family. We flicked between watching fireworks on the Thames and Jools Holland (yawn!) I suspect this was the same for many other families too.

It only felt like a matter of moments until I was on my bike cycling past old Manor School with my friends; carrying my MASSIVE gym bag. It was most definitely back to school from here on in. No more spoiling for another year :(

When entering the school gates, it all comes flooding back. Lockers. Crowds of students. Classrooms. Homework and more. – this marked the start of Manor 2015

Events to look forward to:

·      Competitive sports

·      My 12th birthday 8th April (all cards and gifts gladly received ;)

·      New adventures

·      New experiences

I am sure there are many other activities that you would have added yourselves but I’ve only picked out a few.

Last year flew by but when I think about it, we certainly packed a lot in.

Until next time…


So much has changed!  It’s still quite chaotic in the hallways though.  I thought I would never ever figure out where all the classrooms were but surprisingly I have found that easier than I imagined.  My main aim was to get as many friends as possible but we are all getting on well, like we have known each other for years; which is great.

Break time and lunch has changed too.  At the beginning of the year we went through to the lunch box earlier than the rest of the years, now there are set days for who goes in first.  At least the school meals are scrumptious!

Codes! Nasty, unpleasant codes.  Now that we are settled in, teachers are not afraid of giving out codes.  There are codes for almost anything I can think of: A codes, B codes, C codes even W codes! T eachers are still occasionally ‘letting us off’ but I’m sure they’re just being kind…

When you are lost or if you have forgotten which room your next lesson is, your planner is your best friend.  As always, they have every last detail you need to know in them so top tip, NEVER lose your planner!

Overall, Manor CE Academy is still (with no doubt) the best secondary school ever!

My first week at Manor

At the beginning it was soooo chaotic and it still is now.  In Primary we were known as the big kids and we were the highest in the school, now we’re the small ones once again…

First day, what a rush!  A long assembly in the auditorium followed by a vast amount of introductory classes.  Already we have briefly chosen one or two of our favourite lessons; mine being Graphics, Music, Textiles Technology, PE and more.  One of the most exciting things is receiving your very own Planner; it has everything you could possibly think of in it, form the lesson timetable to the Mobile Phone Policy.  I always find that me and my new friends are always getting lost and confused (there are a lot of classrooms in school you know) so we come to a conclusion that our planners would be the best place to look.  If not, we ask teachers or older students who gladly direct us the right way.  Who would have thought that a geography room would be hidden amongst the music rooms?  It’s hard at the beginning but it will be soon be a piece of cake”

All in all you’ll find Manor C E Academy is probably, most definitely, the best secondary school EVER!  What more could ou ask for than that?

Jenna Flanagan 7VIB

Carlton Lodge


What a rush it was on the morning of Carlton Lodge! I woke up so tired and lousy but knew I had to get up or I’d be late.  After scuttling down the stairs I propped myself up on the sofa ready for breakfast.  My breakfast was filling: I had chocolate spread on toast and a warm milky coffee.  Suddenly I bolted up the stairs to clean my teeth and have a wash.  Then I put on all of my clothes and did my hair.  I was out of the house by 7.45 as I was getting dropped off at my friend Laura’s house because my mum was at work.  When we got to school we put our suitcases in the hall and went to our form room.  We then had a short assembly with Mr Reagan and Mr Cockerill and headed out to the coach.  It was a 45 minute drive to get there but it didn’t seem too long.  When we got there we went inside and got into our dorms and groups ready for our first activity.  In my group we had Miss Day as our leader along with Josh who worked at Carlton Lodge.  First we got into our waterproofs and life jackets and helmets all ready for kayaking.  We all got slightly wet and very cold but we got over it and were fine.  I suppose we had to be fine because next we were doing raft building.  As a team we built a strong, stable raft to get us across the water.  When we’d finished we had a shower and got changed into some more clothes ready for an evening of games.  After tea my group went into the activity hall where we did games and challenges and then we swapped with the other group and did bingo!  Unfortunately I didn’t win but some others did and got some money.  By 10.15 we were all tucked up in bed ready for a good night’s sleep.


Miss Day woke us up at 7am and we got ready and had breakfast at 7.45am.  It was delicious: egg, bacon and beans.  You could also have toast or cereal.  My first activity was high ropes.  We did the bridges, the leap of faith and the zip wire.  I managed to get to the top of the bridges, bash the red ball on the leap of faith and slide down the zip wire.  Then we had a special treat of Birds of prey.  We held and learned interesting fact about lots of types of birds.  After that it was lunchtime.  It was then archery and problem solving.  In problem solving we did lots of challenges like how to balance loads of nails on top of one!  Later that night we went on a night walk through woods and through a graveyard as well.  When we got back we got into our pyjamas, had a hot chocolate and went to bed at 10.15pm.  What a day!

Day 3:

Yet again Miss Day woke us up at 7am and we were all up ready to pack up our things for going home.  So we got dressed, stripped our beds, brushed our hair and went down for breakfast.  Then we went outside for our activity which was orienteering.  We had to take a sheet which had numbers on and a little box and a map and find all the clips that we had to use to punch holes through the sheet and make a different pattern according to the numbers.  Next we did bush craft and practised lighting a small fire in pairs then lit a huge one to toast marshmallows on.  They were scrumptious!  Finally we built a shelter that we could sit in and we used huge branches and leaves.  We all then had some lunch and got ready for home.  Another 45 minute journey but still didn’t seem that long.  When we got back it was around 2.30pm and our parents were all there to collect us.  All of us said we had a fabulous time and wanted to go again!

Starting Year 7

As soon as I walked through the gates on my first day, the playground was extremely busy compared to my old school.  I felt excited, nervous and completely overwhelmed all at the same time.  But I did feel quite sad about leaving my old school behind.  My fears were soon forgotten when I saw Miss Day.  She made me feel settled and has helped me build up a lot of confidence.  Now a couple of weeks have gone by I feel like I fit in very well and have lots of new friends as well as the staff being very supportive and welcoming. 

Unfortunately I have had one major disaster.  On Monday 8th September I was in the form room collecting all my things together, then suddenly my strap came loose from my bag and crashed to the ground.  I thought everything was ok until my friend Laura spotted some water on the table; I quickly opened my bag and lifted out my drinks bottle and it was completely smashed at the bottom and the remainder of the water was gushing onto the floor.  The worst part was all my books were soaked including my planner!  Luckily Miss Day came to the rescue and helped me recover from this disastrous situation by tipping the water out of my bag out of the window and hanging everything on the windowsill to dry! 

I feel really positive about my future at Manor and feel so glad to be a part of it.  So far I am happy to be a student here, and will serve others, grow together and live life to the full.

Megan Clark 7CAD