Independent State Schools Partnership

Manor has a role to play in the ongoing success of the York Independent State School Partnership (ISSP).

Mrs Annette Aylett, Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages and English at Manor, is co-ordinator of the ISSP, which includes 12 schools in York – including local authority maintained, academies and independents.

From an original focus on science, the York ISSP broadened its scope to include opportunities for able and interested students to study A level Critical Thinking, Latin to GCSE level and Russian. It also offers conferences and inspirational events for parents, teachers and students. It has a long term, developing link with Yekaterinberg in Russia and all its events run outside of normal school hours.

The range of opportunities now includes such diverse topics as astronomy and robotics, all outside the reach of normal education provision. Over 3,000 opportunities have been offered since the partnership began.

ISSP masterclasses have run annually since 2008. They form the core of the partnership and usually take place on Saturdays.

Students are keen to take part and many classes are oversubscribed.

“Masterclasses are taught by outstanding teachers from York schools who have been carefully selected against set criteria,” explained Mrs Aylett.

“The emphasis is on teachers teaching to their passions. Masterclasses have also been supported by local businesses and heritage organisations, by noted academics and by the outstanding resources of the University of York.”

Find out more at the York ISSP website,

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