Home school agreement

Manor CE Academy expects that:

You as a student

  • support the school’s Christian tradition, aims and ethos
  • are punctual and attend regularly
  • take responsibility for your own learning, organisation and behaviour
  • work to the best of your ability, complete your homework on time and meet deadlines
  • participate to the best of your ability in school/form activities
  • follow the school rules and uniform requirements
  • are honest, polite and exhibit good behaviour at all times
  • show respect for others, their possessions and the school environment
  • share any problems with a teacher and parents/carers.

You as a parent

  • support the Christian ethos and Behaviour Policy
  • ensure regular and punctual attendance by your child, and do not take holidays in term time
  • support your son/daughter in homework and other opportunities for learning
  • have positive and realistic expectations of your child’s ability
  • ensure your child comes to school with the appropriate uniform and equipment
  • attend parents’ evenings and discussions about your son/daughter’s progress
  • advise the school of problems/achievements/issues concerning your child
  • reply to school communications and notify the school on first day of absence.

We as a school

  • will uphold the Christian ethos and values in the whole curriculum and daily school life
  • provide effective teaching
  • provide a happy and caring school environment
  • set appropriate homework for your child
  • effectively monitor your child’s progress
  • praise your child for their achievements
  • approach problems in a professional, fair and consistent manner
  • communicate our concerns and problems concerning your child
  • provide a wide range of extra curricular activities
  • communicate up-to-date and timely information about school events.